Assembling your Artificial Christmas tree is a snap. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Find a suitable location near an electrical outlet.
  2. Remove and inspect the contents in the box. Ensure that you received each labeled item in the instructions. If you are using a Christmas tree that you currently own, ensure that everything is in working order, especially the lights. Look for damage to the string of lights, and replace if you spot any frayed or exposed wires, cracks, etc., and make sure that the lights are fully connected to their sockets.
  3. If you’ve purchased a potted tree, the base is already attached to the pot. If the tree does not have a pot, firmly pull apart the legs until they form an X. Line up the holes in the base of the tree with the flange and screw the eyebolt partway through the flange into the base.
  4. Insert the bottom pole of the tree all the way into the base. Tighten the eyebolt to secure the bottom pole exactly as you would secure a patio umbrella into its base.
  5. Keep adding higher sections of the tree one at a time. Make sure each section is secure before adding the next section. You may arrange branches as you “build” the tree. This will allow you freer access to the inside of the tree.
  6. If your tree comes with lights, follow the enclosed directions to add the lights.